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Monday, May 29, 2006


It's cold, and I'm not wearing enough.

They dared us, and we dared them, and they dared us, and we chickened out and changed our minds and ran back out.

"Come on, open the door, come on, now, come on!"


And it's liberating too, and anyone looking out their bedroom window on the North Quad tonight will see far more than they bargained for, and I've kept my socks on because it's really that cold and there's not much else but laughter, lots of it, and bare feet smacking on the concrete cloister floor.

The statue of Queen Victoria didn't ought to see that much.

We lie down on the quilt, the five of us. We can't see the stars anymore but we did once, so that's fine too.


Blogger Catherine said...

haha! love it... that was a gd night, the night i began to like gin... :P

2:52 AM  

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