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Monday, November 27, 2006


Rehearsing in the mirror room in Sutherland House, seeing dozens of reflections of ourselves stretching away.

Sitting with my camera phone, being arty with scenes of the Serpent leaning against the far wall, Nina and Marie watching on, Adam and Eve arguing over the stupid fruit.

It's my turn to play God so I get up and storm on, all 'Adam!' this and 'How could you, Eve?' that.

I throw them out of Eden and curse Emme that she will ever after have to crawl on her belly, and then I storm right back out again and Kirsty tells me to put some soul into it. Not to be God the impersonal master of all, but God the friend who built his mates a garden and watched them cock it up.

Feel sad, she says, as you're banishing them.


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